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Pacific Coast Region NMRA Annual Convention

Sugar Pine Centennial 2021

April 22 – 24, 2021
Fresno, California


Registrar: Doug Wagner

Early Bird Registration

Early Bird Registration is $80.00 and includes the Awards Banquet. This fare is good until 12:00 midnight PST, 12/31/2020. If you wait and watch TV to see the ball drop in New York City's Times Square, you will miss it!

Early Bird Bonus!

Another benefit to registering early is that anyone that beats the Early Bird registration deadline and orders an excursion will be entered into drawings for cab rides on that excursion or a cab ride PLUS a free YMSPRR excursion ticket. See the Excursions page for more information.

Full Fare Registration

Beginning New Year's Day 2021 at 1 minute after the aforementioned ball drop at midnight, Full Fare Registration is $85.00. The Awards Banquet is included with this fare.

Non-Rail or Spouse Registration

Non-Rail/Spouse Registration is $65.00 and also applies to female or male spouses who are model railroaders. The Awards Banquet is included with this fare. Sorry, but there is no Non-Rail Lunch this convention.

Youth Registration

Youth Registration is $65.00 for a youth between 12 and 18 years of age. They must be accompanied by an adult registered for the convention at all times while at the convention. The Awards Banquet is included with this fare.

Child Registration

Child Registration is $30.00 for a child under 12 years of age. They must be accompanied by an adult registered for the convention at all times while at the convention. The Awards Banquet is also included with this fare.

Day Fare

A Day Fare of $30.00 is good for one day of convention attendance. The Awards Banquet is not included, but may be added on when registering or, if already registered, on the Company Store page.

Awards Banquet Only

An Awards Banquet add-on ticket may be purchased separately for $30.00 after registering. See the Company Store page to add an Awards Banquet ticket to your registration package.

A paid registration is required to purchase tickets for the Awards Banquet as an add-on.

What's Included?

All fares include convention registration, clinics, contests, and layout tours. The Awards Banquet is included with all fares except Day Fares, but may be purchased as an add-on from the Company Store page or when registering.

There may be additional charges for some outside events or special clinics, if admission tickets, transportation, or materials are required.

Great! Sign me up!

Registering for the convention is a cinch. Just complete the registration form, either the online version or the mail-in version: (To Fares)

  • NEW, 7/30/20Online Registration Form — SECURE, sent via encrypted e-mail. Secured by RegFox.
  • Mail-in Registration Form Get Adobe Reader icon — Print and fill in by hand, then mail to the Registrar with your check (in US funds, please) made payable to:  Pacific Coast Region, National Model Railroad Association (PCR/NMRA).

Mail your registration form and payment to:
Sugar Pine Centennial 2021 PCR Convention
c/o Doug Wagner
14008 Tierra Blanca Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93314

And on April 22nd...

When you arrive at the Wyndham in Fresno, check in at the Registration Desk and pick up your personalized Sugar Pine Centennial 2021 registration package. Your package will include all the information you will need for the convention, including any extra-fare tickets, and coupons redeemable for pre-paid convention merchandise.

See you in Fresno!

Doug Wagner
Sugar Pine Centennial 2021

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