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PCR Contests Information

Contest Directory - Complete - (392K)

Appendix A: PCR Contest Forms

Appendix A - Complete - (248K)

Model Contest Forms

Model Contest Cover Sheet - (105K)

Model Contest Entry Form - Open, Kit, & Novice - (100K)

Model Contest Entry Form - Youth - (215K)

Photo Contest Forms

Photo Contest Entry Form - (71K)

Photo Contest Judges and Participants Guide - (143K)

Portable Layout/Module Contest Forms

Portable Layout/Module Contest Cover Sheet - (63K)

Portable Layout/Module Contest Entry Form - (77k)

Portable Layout/Module Contest Rules and Judging Guidelines - (158K)

Arts & Crafts Contest Forms

Arts & Crafts Entry Form - (68K)

Arts & Crafts Judges Score Sheet - (32K)

Appendix B: Model Contest Entry Form Aids

Appendix B - Complete - (102K)


Model Contest Entry Form Hints and Tips - (20K) - by Jack Burgess, MMR

Getting the Most From Your Contest Entry - (7K) - by Jim Tangney, MMR

Appendix C: Model Contest Judging Guidelines

Appendix C - Complete - (100K)

Appendix D: PCR Contest Practices

Appendix D - Complete - (70K)

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