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Page last updated: December 11, 2018


McClellan Conference Center

The Sierra Division of the Pacific Coast Region and the Feather River Rail Society invite you to attend the Diamond Rails Forever 2019 Joint PCR/FRRS Convention in Sacramento, California, at the McClellan Convention Center, 5411 Luce Ave, McClellan Park, CA 95652. (MAP) Your committee team has reserved several rooms within the Center for clinics, presentations, the banquet, and the PCR breakfast. A map of Convention Center will be provided here in the near future.

Lions Gate Hotel.

Hotel facilities will be provided by the Lions Gate Hotel, a short walk from the convention center (3410 Westover St, McClellan Park, CA 95652). For more information visit our Hotel page.


It is our great pleasure to say our guest speaker will be our recent NMRA President, Charlie Getz. He has had an eventful term, to say the least. Charlie will be speaking on “Reflections on a Life in Model Railroading.”

Charlie Getz was born in Japan in order to be near his mother.  His parents were stationed in Japan as part of the Occupation Forces under McArthur.  This heritage led Charlie to a life-long love of Rice and Brass Engines. On a recent trip to Tokyo, Charlie was able to visit Tenshodo and Tokyo Disney. He became a hobbyist in 1961 with a Christmas present of a Mantua General in HO and has dabbled in HO, HOn3, On3, N as well as a few miscellaneous scales. He has built 4-5 layouts over the years but nothing recently although ending up with the San Juan Central, A MR project railroad as well as pieces of Whit Tower’s ALP and even a scene from Jim Vail’s memorable HOn3 layout. If you cannot build, borrow.

For more info including menu, please see the Banquet page.


Convention Cars


We have two beautiful cars from Kadee for this convention. They are the Tidewater Southern 50’ PS1 cars, road numbers 501 and 519. Due to availability, we have 150 of #519 and 75 of #501 so get your 2-car sets before they go. Cost is $35.00 for a single and $68.00 for the 2-car set.

They can be ordered as part of the Registration process  or, if you’ve already registered but have decided to order more, from the Company Store.

Bonus: There was an excellent article about these cars written by Eugene Vicknair and published in Issue No. 50 of the Western Pacific Headlight . The staff at the Headlight has graciously agreed to print copies of this article which we will include with each car/set purchased. 

Convention Polo Shirt

The Convention Committee has also made arrangements for a convention polo shirt with an embroidered convention logo on the pocket. Cost is $30.00 each.

They can be ordered in a variety of sizes (from Small – 5X large) as part of the Registration process  or, if you’ve already registered but have decided to order more, from the Company Store.


NOTE: For those planning to purchase anything at the convention, we are working on having the capability to accept credit cards but it is not yet sure. Cash or check payment are always accepted.

NOTE: To attend the convention, you must be a member (or join) one of the two organizations but it is NOT necessary to be a member of both.