BSA Railroading Merit Badge

Boy Scouts of America Railroading Merit Badge

Page last updated: March 25, 2019

Eagle Scouts and adult model railroaders of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA), Pacific Coast Region (PCR) are presenting a Railroading Merit Badge program as part of the Diamond Rails Forever 2019 PCR Convention to be held McClellan Field Conference Center.

REGISTRATION FOR THIS EVENT IS NOW OPEN. Email to get your name on the list! The Merit Badge clinic will be Saturday, May 4,2019 from 8:30 – 3:30ish.

The program will be offered to a maximum of 24 scouts. Given the nature and intensity of activities at the convention, it is recommended that scouts be at least 13 years old or have attained the rank of 2nd Class.

Scouts are expected to have read the merit badge pamphlet. Requirements will be completed at the convention.

On Saturday, May 4th, Scouts will participate in convention-sponsored activities that fulfill remaining merit badge requirements.

  • The venue is located at the McClellan Convention Center, 5411 Luce Ave, McClellan Park, CA 95652, where: Operation Lifesaver will be discussed; requirements covered, and still spend some free time at the convention.

At the conclusion of this program, scouts will have completed all the requirements necessary to earn the Railroading merit badge.

There is no fee for this merit badge. Scouts will come away with a model railroad related magazine, Operation Lifesaver SWAG, and other items to be included in a take-home bag. Scouts should come prepared for the session with:

  • A Full Scout uniform.
  • A blue card signed by your unit leader.
  • A sack lunch.

Merit badge coordinator contact information:

Dr. Raymond Ritch, or

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is it?

A. Registration is easy! Just email Ray with name, troop, BSA Council, (Most will be from Golden Empire Council), and email address.

Q. Where is it?

A. McClellan Convention Center, 5411 Luce Ave, McClellan Park, CA 95652.

Q. Who is presenting it?

A. Registered adult Scouters of the Pacific Coast Region of the National Model Railroading Association (NMRA).

Q. Is there any cost to attend?

A. Not at all. Even the MB session registered scout’s admission to the train show is free.

Q. Do I have to wear my Scout uniform?

A. Yes, it is required. We’re Scouts, BSA members, remember!

Q. What are the requirements to earn the Railroading Merit Badge?

A. Remember, the official BSA Merit badge book is the only acceptable source for Merit Badge requirements. Here’s a great site for lots of supplemental information on the merit badge:

Q. What’s in the “take-home goodie bag”?

A. Operation Lifesaver materials, Amtrak and Sacramento Light Rail schedules, information on area Rail museums such as the California State Railroad Museum, Nevada State Railroad Museum, and Railtown 1897 California State Historic Park. There will also be a model railroad-related magazine.

Q. What else can you tell me?

A. Be prepared to have fun! Model railroading is fun!