Awards Banquet

Page last updated: June 27, 2018

Diamond Rails Forever PCR/FRRS Joint 2019 Annual Awards Banquet will be held Saturday night (time TBA) and is included in the Registration Package Special. Social/Cocktail Hour TBA for everyone to renew old friendships and make new ones.

Banquet Speaker

Charlie Getz

Our NMRA President, Charlie Getz, has had an eventful term. Charlie will no doubt have some great anecdotal stories as well as insights and thoughts on what the future holds for NMRA and model railroading.

Charlie Getz served as Western Area VP on the Pacific Coast Region Board, as well as President, PCR Trustee, and At-Large North American Director. He chaired the Long Range Plan Committee and was the primary author of the new NMRA regulations. He’s received numerous President’s Awards and is an Honorary Life Member.

Banquet Menu


Don’t Miss It!

Truly a day you won’t want to miss! Additional Banquet tickets for non-attending spouses/SOs or Day Fares are available on the Company Store page for TBA.


Scott McAllister
Banquet Chairman