Registrar: Gus Campagna

Page last updated: April 28, 2019

To register, you must be a member of either NMRA or FRRS. For those that want to join the NMRA, membership information is available at the NMRA website. A 9-month Rail Pass is available to encourage participation and have a ‘look-see’ without a long-term commitment. Also available are full NMRA memberships without the NMRA magazine and student memberships which include the NMRA magazine. All levels of NMRA memberships may be requested and paid for on the registration forms.

NOTE: No refunds after April 10, 2019

Early Bird Has Ended

The Early Bird Special has ended. The registration package, which includes Registration, the Awards Banquet, and the PCR Breakfast, now costs $155.00.

First Timer Registration Package Special

The special “First Timer” fare of $115.00 is available for PCR members that have not registered for the past 5 conventions and includes Registration, the Awards Banquet, and the PCR Breakfast.

Non-rail Registration

The Non-rail registration includes Registration and the Non-rail Lunch and costs: $40. Note that the Non-rail package does NOT include the Awards Banquet and PCR Breakfast.

Youth Registration Package Special

Youth fare of $70.00 provides full registration with no food events.

Registration Only

Registration only (no Banquet or PCR Breakfast) is $80.00

Day Fare

The Day fare of $40.00 is good for one day of convention attendance and includes clinics, layout tours, and contests. The Awards Banquet and PCR Breakfast are not included, but may be purchased as extra-fare items.

Awards Banquet Only

Attendance at the awards banquet only for $50.00.

PCR Breakfast Only

Attendance at the PCR Breakfast only for $25.00.

What’s Included?

All fares include convention registration, clinics, contests, outside events, and layout tours.

There may be additional charges for some outside events or special clinics if admission tickets, transportation, or materials are required. The Registration Package Special also includes the Awards Banquet. The Non-rail Registration Package Special includes the Non-rail Lunch but does not include the Awards Banquet and PCR Breakfast.

Online Registration Ended

Online registration has ended. You can still register at the convention. If you plan to do so and to save time at registration, we recommend you download the Registration Form (Fillable Mail-in Registration Form ) complete and print it and bring to the convention.


NOTE: You must be a member of either NMRA or FRRS to register (you do not need to register for both). The application contains options to join.

And when the Convention starts…

When you arrive at the convention hotel, check in at the Registration Desk and pickup your personalized Diamond Rails Forever 2019 registration package. Your package will include all the information you will need regarding the convention, including any extra-fare tickets, and coupons redeemable for pre-paid convention merchandise.

See you in Sacramento!

Gus Campagna